Preserved Railways

Steaming to Bodiam

K & ESR Double (25 Years On - Steaming Strong & Steaming to Bodiam). £12.25

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Still Steaming in the South East

Dvd looks at four steam railways in the South East. Includes Romney Hythe & Dymchurch during the week prior to its 80th birthday, £18.34

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Video Track issue 107

News & Events, Preservation Variety, Virgin Loco hauled, South Wales class 37's, Class 37 variety, Convoy, 87012 at Euston. £12.20

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Video Track issue 109

News & Events ; Norwich & Lowestoft lines, £12.20

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Video Track issue 112

News & Events; Lineside around Ashchurch, south Weales Loco Haulage, Llangollen Railway's Gala in Snow, class 60 plus an additiona cab ride along Great Central Railway from Loughborough to Leicester North. £12.20

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Video Track issue 115

News & Events, Galags at Gloucestershire & Warwicks Railway, Midland Railway Centre and the Spa Valley railway. £12.20

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Video Track issue 119

News & Events; All change at Lincoln, Great Central Railways diesel gala of late April, freight hotspots - Nuneaton, Tail Lamp £12.20

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Video Track issue 94

Features: News & Events; Cardiff Bound; The Oldham Loop; Preservation Weekend; Lines That Time Forgot; Class 86s; Tail Lamp. £12.20

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Watercress Line

Features footage of Standard 4 76017, Canadian Pacific 35005, Swanage 34105, Black Prince 92203, Britannia 70000, S15 30506, 257 Squadron 34072 plus newly restored Standard Class 5 73096 including her inaugural run. Plenty of lineside action & full footplate ride. £20.41

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West Somerset Railway Double Feature

West Somerset Railway & Up Front on the West Somerset Railway. £20.41

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Yorkshire Railways

A combination of the films of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway £20.41

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