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Legomanbiffo 2mm Sounds

Here at Legomanbiffo, we have been offering to 4mm & 7mm modellers our superb ranges of superb sound decoders. Over the last few years we have been working with N Gauge modellers to develop a range of decoders to fit the larger Graham Farish & Dapol Diesel & Electric locomotives and Multiple Units. 

We have been working in conjunction with Revolution Trains and Dapol to develop sound for these newer models for the N Gauge market.


Many N Gauge locomotives are either Non DCC Enabled OR DCC 6Pin fitted.  As a rule these locomotives were never designed to fit Decoders + Speakers, so fitting of the ESU Sound decoders will need skill and lots of fiddly work. The Newer Dapol & Graham Farish models are fitted with the New ‘Next 18’ Decoder, these decoders have been designed to fit these smaller models. Graham Farish locomotives are being introduced with a Pre-Fitted speaker, which makes sound fitting dead easy. The newer Dapol locomotives again are designed for the ESU ‘Next 18’ Decoder but are not Pre-Fitted with a speaker, the new Version 5 ESU Decoder come with a sugarqube speaker + sound enclosure kit that can be built up in different sizes to suit the limited space in your model, please not if space dos’nt allow the decoder/speaker can be used without this sound chamber kit, BUT it will be quieter.


Our ESU Decoders come in various options:


6 Pin Micro Decoder + Standard Sugarcube & Speaker Kit.

Next 18 Decoder + Standard Sugarcube & Speaker Kit. 

(Please note on Next 18 Decoders the speaker is not attached to the decoder, as there are normally two speaker solder tabs on the locos circuit board) 


We understand that most N Gauge modellers ‘cannot’ or will not want to modify their models themselves, so with this on mind we have a DCC Sound or Non Sound fitting service, currently we are only fitting the Newer Graham Farish & Dapol Models produced over the last 7 years. 

The reason is simple, they can be fitted reasonably easy by milling notches out of the chassis, older models as a rule cannot.


E.Mail us for a quotation to modify your favorite model on:    charlie@dckits.co.uk     We are currently working on a 4-6 week turn around.


PLEASE Do not sent Original (Non Bachmann) Graham Farish models or Steam Locomotives.  


We have listed the models we can do, updates to the listing will be made as and when new or Updated models are launched.

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