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DRIVELOCK' unique to Legomanbiffo. ***THE FACTS & FEATURES***  


We have been so quick at rolling out 'DRIVELOCK' the website is lagging behind, but the good news is:


'DRIVELOCK' is now enabled and running on ALL Diesel Locomotives from Class 03 to Class 73 as from 1st November 2016

             The Website is possibly still showing F8 as Spirax Valves, this is now incorrect, 'DRIVELOCK' is now on F8


We are rolling out over the entire range our new 'DRIVELOCK' system along with 'AUTOFADE'  This will allow you to use our unique and innovativedriving system which gives you total control in the operation of Diesel Locomotives & Multiple Unit trains. On F8 we are implementing 'DRIVELOCK' this will lock at any point the vehicles speed and divorce it from the engine sounds.

With F8 ON, you will be able to 'drive' the sound using the throttle to Coast, Notch Up, Notch Down, without affecting the vehicles speed. When F8 is released the vehicles speed will rise or fall back in line with the throttle settings.F8 can be turned on and off repeatedly to (For Example) simulate a vehicle getting to grips with a heavy train. With a Class 03/05/08/14/Janus shunting locomotive F8 can be used impressively, to recreate heavy loads. 

'AUTOFADE' unique to Legomanbiffo. ***THE FACTS & FEATURES***

This is designed for older style Locomotives & Multiple Units that use Bulbs in the Marker & Cab lights, so on turning on (Fade in) or turning off (Fadeout)as per the real train! Modern locomotives use LED Lighting with an instant On/Off. If your model has cab lighting fitted as standard, the 'AUTOFADE' if using F19 (Aux1) of if enabled F20 (Aux 2) will as the vehicle moves off(Turn Off) or when coming to a halt (Turn On) the factory fitted light, just listen to the clicking light switch operated by your models driver.

Legomanbiffo- Our own Superior advanced DCC Digital Modern Traction Loco Sounds, on 6pin, 8pin, 21pin & larger Scale L & XL Decoders!   

The basis of our programs is the latest ESU Loksound V4, this offers superior programmable features for ultimate sound projects. For our range of

advanced sounds we suggest you look at our V4 notes, this will give you an introduction to the world of advanced sounds from Legomanbiffo:  V4 Helpsheet

Legomanbiffo: Simply the best around, all projects offered are unbeatable, see RM Web & DCC Forums to get feedback from our customers.


WANT TO HEAR OUR SOUNDS! Then click here: www.youtube.com/user/legomanbiffo/videos

We are constantly introducing and improving our sound projects, each decoder is labeled with the project version, we have a constant improvement program using new recordings, our investment

in new state of the art digital recording equipment, gives us the lead in the UK marketplace today which we have worked hard to achieve. We know you won't be disappointed. 

Locoman Steam- Our own Superior advanced DCC High Quality Steam Loco Sounds, on 6pin, 8pin, 21pin & larger Scale Decoders!

We have been developing this range of steam projects since 2014, using our state of the art recording equipment and all new recordings, our investment  in this equipment will give in our opinion the finest steam sounds in the UK today, this again will give us superior steam projects that act and sound like a real steam locomotive, NO ifs or buts, just superior LOCOMAN sound projects.  


JERKY & JUDDERING LOCOMOTIVES!!!!!!    Tuning the ESU Decoder to suit your locomotive The Loksound V4 Decoder is designed to handle a broad range of differing electric motors and works well 'out of the box' with most of them. Each decoder has Pre-Set settings tuned to suit a 'Standard Motor', Sometimes the pre-programmed factory settings don't work well with certain makes of motor and the commonest symptom you see is a slight juddering as the loco starts and stops. However, the the NEW ESU V4 decoder has a nifty unique feature and is able to automatically fine-tune its own CV settings to suit the individual motor in your model and get rid of this compatibility problem and operate you models silky-smoothly.

This is done easily as follows;

Place the loco on a long stretch of track with plenty of room to move in front and behind - at least a metre (or use the DCC Rolling Road) Set CV54 to 0, Then Press F1.

The loco will move at high speed for a short distance, measure the motor's response and then adjust itself accordingly. From then on the motor will operate smoothly without juddering

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