TCS (Train Control Systems) Quality Decoders

Train Control Systems ' TCS ' manufacture a wide range of locomotive decoders covering Z to OO gauges with a large gauge decoder in development.

The TCS Range of decoders have an excellent reputation for quality and they are one of only two worldwide decoder manufacturers who offer a true 'Idiot Proof' free exchange if faulty, warranty.


All TCS decoders have the following advanced features:

•           Back EMF.

•           Quiet Drive for smooth, quiet performance.

•           Dither for the ultimate in slow speed control.

•           Auto Detect for DCC or DC power with optimum performance.

•           User Loadable Speed Tables.

•           14 or 28/128 Speed Steps.

•           On the Main Programming.

•           Brake on DC.

•           2 Digit or 4 Digit Addressing.

•           Basic and Advanced Consisting.

•           Advanced Lighting Effects.


All TCS decoders have a minimum of rating of 1 Amp continuous current and can be used in any gauge up to OO/HO

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