Legomanbiffo Sounds

Welcome to the High Quality range of Digital Products from DC Kits

Legomanbiffo- Our own Superior advanced DCC Digital Modern Traction Loco Sounds, on the 7mm Scale L & XL Decoders!   

The basis of our programs is the latest ESU Loksound V4, this offers superior programmable features for ultimate sound projects. For our range of

advanced sounds we suggest you look at our V4 notes, this will give you an introduction to the world of advanced sounds from Legomanbiffo:  V4 Helpsheet

Legomanbiffo: Simply the best around, all projects offered are unbeatable, see RM Web & DCC Forums to get feedback from our customers,

All current Diesel Projects are fitted with Function F8 DRIVE-LOCK



We are constantly introducing and improving our sound projects, each decoder is labelled with the project version, we have a constant improvement program using new

recordings, our investment in new state of the art digital recording equipment, gives us the lead in the UK marketplace today which we have worked hard to achieve.

We know you won't be disappointed. We are constantly updating our projects with the latest features including 'AutoFade Lighting' for LED fitted locomotives.


 Locoman Steam- Our own Superior advanced DCC High Quality Steam Loco Sounds, on the 7mm XL Decoders!

We have been developing this range of steam projects since 2015, using our state of the art recording equipment and all new recordings, our investment  in this equipment

will give in our opinion the finest steam sounds in the UK today, this again will give us superior steam projects that act and sound like a real steam locomotive, NO ifs or buts,

just superior LOCOMAN sound projects.  


High Quality Speakers and Enclosures for 7mm Gauge.

Here we offer and extensive range of Speakers & Enclosures aimed at making your locomotive the best around, coupled with our range super Steam & Diesel sound decoders,

we can offer a superior package to suit not only Heljan & Dapol 7mm locomotives but a unique range of speakers and enclosures for kit built locomotives too!

All our speaker range comes with a photograph and dimension’s to help you select which is the most suitable speaker for your locomotive, wiring harnesses are also listed if you

need to fit your tenders with a larger speaker, or may be an additional speaker to get your loco noticed!!!!!


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