• Class 121 Sound Decoder (NO VAT TO EIRE)

Class 121 Sound Decoder 


These models normally come with a Pre-Fitted speaker, so the one supplied should not be used.

**IMPORTANT: All sound decoders we recommend be sent Insured special delivery***

Function Key . 
F0   Side Lights  (Directional)
F1   Sound On/Off.
F2   Short Horn 1.
F3   Standard Horn 2.               (Playable)
F4   Buffer Clash/Coupling.      (Coupling up only when stationery)
F5   Active Braking.                   CV179 Adjusts Braking intensity
F6   Emergency Braking.          CV180 Adjusts Braking intensity  
F7   Drive Lock/Hold.
F8   Automatic Uncoupling.
F9   Flange Squeel.                  (If Moving)
F10 Despatch Whistle.
F11 Wagon Buffer Clash.         (If Moving)
F12 Radio Communications.
F13 Station Announcements.   CV155 0-8 Changes Station Names (Not when Moving)
F14 Roof Fans.
F15 Push-Pull Mode.              (Class 121 IR + IE Liveries Only)
F16 Shunting Lights.               (Class 121 Only)
F17 Light Load/Light Engine.
F18 Heavy Load                     (Will override F17 'If On').
F19 Head Light.                      (Class 121 Only)
F20 Train Mode Lighting.        (Turns off Red Tail Lights/Class 121 Only).

F21 Parking Mode.                 (Turns on ALL Red Lights/Class 121 Only)

F22 Wagon Rail Noise           (If Moving). 

F23 Loco Coasting.

F24 Double Heading.              (If coupled to Classes 121/141/181 Only) 

F25 Rail Joints Sounds.

F26 Sanding. 

F27 Compressor. 

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Class 121 Sound Decoder (NO VAT TO EIRE)

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