• LB-Class 17 Heljan 7mm

LB-Class 17 Heljan 7mm 

 ***IMPORTANT: All sound decoders we recommend be sent Insured special delivery***
Please note: Paypal Payments, due to high charges from Paypal we do not supply our Legoman Vouchers for Free decoders on sales done via Paypal.
This offer is only available with each decoder sale if paying using a Debit Card (Prefered) or Credit Card. 


1.  Single Hi Bass Speaker (Easy fit in loco or Fueltank) 

2.  Twin Hi Bass Speakers (Easy fit in loco and/or Fueltank)

3.  Twin Mega Bass Speakers (Fan motor to be removed for this large option)

4.  Twin Mega Bass in loco & Hi Bass in Fueltank. (Again Fan motors to be removed)


***IMPORTANT: All sound decoders we recommend be sent Insured special delivery***

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND V5 Sound Decoders. 

F0 Directional Lights

F1 Sound On/Off. (This project has no failed start, only Cold & Warm starts.)    CV259=128  CV419=128

F2 Playable High Note Horn.                                                                                  CV435=128

F3 Playable Low Note Horn.                                                                                   CV443=128

F4 Buffer Clash(when moving slow) and two different coupling hook sounds.     CV283=80 

F5 Playable brake application(When moving) Coupling Hook(when stationery)   CV291=90 

F6 Drivers door open/close.                                                                                   CV299=128 

F7 Compressor.                                                                                                     CV307=110  

F8 Drive Lock (Drive Hold)                                                                                     CV267=0

F9 Speed Dependant Automatic Flange/Wheel Squeel.                                       CV323=110

F10 Despatch Whistle.

F11 Not Used

F12 Traction Motor Blowers.                                                                                 CV347=128

F13 Sanders.                                                                                                         CV355=70

F14 Vacuum Exhauster.                                                                                        CV363=128

F15 Not Used.

F16 Disposal Air Dump.                                                                                        CV379=128         

F17 Windscreen Wipers.                                                                                      CV387=128

F18 Detonators. A 'three-bang stop'.                                                                    CV395=128                                                                  

F19 Aux1.                                                                                                              CV427=128

F20 Aux2.                                                                                                              CV427=128

F21 Aux3.                                                                                                              CV427=128

F5 Features:

To simulate brake release before starting push F5 On/Off.

While running at any speed, push F5 and leave on, when power is reduced to zero,  a brake application will sound,

this can be repeated at any time while the locomotive is running. Always switch off when stationery.

The only Heljan locos that require any lighting resistors are the original first release class 37 and 47, which were fitted with filament bulbs. Every other loco since those, (to our knowledge) have been fitted with led’s, which have their own resistors built into the circuitry. That’s on the lighting board, not the discarded DCC PCB board. So no resistors are required in either the common V+ feed or the switch feed. Any brightness adjustments are done electronically via the usual CV settings.  If you are uncertain of the age of the model fitting a resistance to V+ will do no harm.


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LB-Class 17 Heljan 7mm

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