Class 121 Railcar (Bachmann-Dapol-Hornby)  

From £115.00 Wheeltappers & from £121.50 Legomanbiffo (NEW PROJECT)

IMPORTANT:  The new Bachmann model has a capacitor fitted for the lighting, BUT this can effect the Amendments to CVs & more Important the amendments to the locos address, this has to be done while not fitted in the model.

IF you want an address (other than 121 which is pre-addressed in the decoder)

Please put the address required in the comments box when ordering please. 

                                                      PLEASE NOTE WHEN ORDERING: 


***IMPORTANT: All sound decoders we recommend be sent Insured special delivery***
This Bachmann Model has two unsealed speakers, thus they are not loud. The speaker supplied can replace these speakers, but they must be sealed.
Please see the speaker suggestions at the bottom of this page.

A Plux 22 Decoder is required if fitting into the NEW Bachmann model.
A 21Pin is required for the Dapol Model
A 8Pin is required for the Hornby Model

We are offering 'two' completly different projects for you, see below:                                


This is our 'NEW' Leyland Engined DMU Sound project, and includes many novel features, only available from Legomanbiffo.

We suggest you make a note of the function keys by printing off this page, Saves looking later!!!.

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND V5 Sound Decoders.

F 0 Lights On/Off.

F 1 Engines On/Off. ( To start second engine - notch up then notch down ).               CV259=128

F 2 Playable High Note Horn.                                                                                                    CV435=128

F 3 Playable Low Note Horn.                                                                                                    CV443=128

F 4 Buffering Up when moving (Coupling, sound when stationary).                              CV283=90

F 5 Playable Brake Application (when moving), Vacuum Dump (when stationery).   CV291=120

F 6 Random Passengers Doors slamming (Multiple Door Slams).                                CV299=100

F 7 Engine Rev Up (when stationery) Gear change (when moving).                            

F 8 Toilet Flush & Discharge (Not in Stations!!!!).                                                                CV315=70

F 9 Variable Speed Flange/Wheel Squeal (When Moving)                                                CV323=100

F10 Guards/Despatch Whistle.                                                                                               CV331=60

F11 Guard to Driver 'Right of Way signal' Buzzer, plus optional reply.                          CV339=40

F12 Cab Window Wipers.                                                                                                        CV347=60

F13 Auxiliary Heater.                                                                                                                 CV355=70

F14 Handbrake ON Warning buzzer.                                                                                     CV363=40

F15 Fire Bell/Buzzer (Fire test before starting).                                                                  CV371=50

F16 Handbrake Apply (On).                                                                                                      CV379=110

F17 Handbrake Release (Off).                                                                                                CV387=110

F18Speed dependant, flash enabled warning Detonators (3 Bang Stop).                    CV395=128

F19 Directional Cab Light (With Autofade).                                                                          CV427=128 

F20 AWS Warning Siren/Bell.                                                                                                   CV411=50

F21 Destination Blind.                                                                                                        

F22 Front Lights Dimmer

We also offer on this project, user changeable features:
CV156 to 0 for high horn type A
CV156 to 1 for high horn type B
CV156 to 2 for high horn type C
CV156 to 3 for high horn type D
CV157 to 0 for firebell type A
CV157 to 1 for fire buzzer
CV157 to 2 for firebell type B
CV158 to 0 for handbrake type A
CV158 to 1 for handbrake type B
CV159 to 0 for AWS type A
CV159 to 1 for AWS type B
CV159 to 2 for AWS type C
CV160 to 0 for handbrake warning buzzer type A
CV160 to 1 for handbrake warning buzzer type B 
CV155 to 0 for high horn type A
CV155 to 1 for high horn type B
CV155 to 2 for high horn type C
CV155 to 3 for high horn type D


You can change up through the gears manually. You can stay in the same gear for as long as you like and the revs will steady at the constant speed you have selected on the throttle. The easiest way to gear change is to reduce the throttle to a low value, and once the revs have started to drop off, increase the throttle to select the next gear you want. There are several gears, selected by how far up your initial throttle movement is. Once the engine has set off in the gear you want, re-adjust the throttle for the actual speed you want. It's much harder to explain than to do in practice, but once you realise how it works you can drive it how you like, in a very realistic manner. The highest speed setting (the one featured in the video) has an automatic gear change part-way through, but you don't have to use that at all if you don't want to, and you can do 'normal' gear changes before or after it.  


Wheeltappers Class 121 Project.

This project uses our Leyland Engined DMU Sound files, for a completly different DMU sounding project, see above:.

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND V5 Sound Decoders.

F0 Lights On/Off.

F1 Sound On/Off. Start-Up: ( To start second engine - notch up then notch down )

F2 Playable High Note Horn.

F3 Playable Low Note Horn.

F4 Buffering Up when moving (Coupling, sound when stationary)

F5 Active Brake Application when moving (Toggle On & Off for best effect to slow your Railcar).

F6 Shunting/Light Engine Mode.

F7 Not Used.

F8 Vacuum Brake Build up/Rev up Engine (When Stationery).

F9 Flange/Wheel Squeal.

F10 Despatch Whistle.

F11 Guard to Driver 'Right of Way signal' Buzzer.

F12 Random Passengers Doors slams (When Stationery). 

F13 Cab Control Start (When Stationery).

F14 AWS Bell.

F15 AWS Horn.

F16 Handbrake On (When Stationery).

F17 Handbrake Off (When Stationery).

F18 Vacuum Dump, (operate only when stopped).

F19 Cab Lights  (When Stationery).

F20 Interior Lights.

F21 Cab Controls end (When Stationery).

F22 Rail Clack (When Moving).

F23 Destination Blind.

F24 Headcode Off (Exhaust End). 

F25 Headcode Off (Non Exhaust End).



The issue is:
The speaker connects to the circuit board via the two sprung prongs on the top of the speaker, the sound come out this end too, so there are holes in the fuel tank for the sound to come out of, BUT the sound actually is directed into the bodyshell ‘Thus Quiet’ also its not sealed properly so its ‘Tinny’ For the price that really is rubbish.
Either you turn the speaker round so the silver shiny but faces these holes and seal the box behind it (Or use the one we supply properly sealed) and solder the wires onto the two tabs on the underside of the circuit board.
Leave the speaker where it is and fit one or these to the decoder and use it in conjunction with the Bachmann Speaker.

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