• LNER B1 (Hornby/Bachmann)

LNER B1 (Hornby/Bachmann)  

8 Pin Decoder with Superior Steam sounds for the Hornby or Bachmann locomotives.
The Bachmann loco has two Versions, Current Model 8Pin & Older Model without any DCC Plug) PLEASE CHECK. 
The Hornby Loco has DCC in the tender, thus is easier to fit sound into.
On the ordering menu we list 'Other Manufactures' These are ESU Decoders with assorted speaker options.

***IMPORTANT: All sound decoders we recommend be sent Insured special delivery***

Each decoder comes with a comprehensive list of unique functions to help enhance your driving experience:

We suggest that you print off the Function list when ordering, as this will save you looking for it later.

Function Key . 

F0 Lights On/Off. (If fitted).

F1 Sound On/Off. (Fade Sound while Driving)

F2 Whistle 1

F3 Whistle 2

F4 Uncoupling Sounds / Buffer Clash

F5 Loco Active Brake Application (CV179 Increases/Decreases Brake Application)

F6 Wheel Slip (Not on all Projects).  

F7 Injector.  (Latching)

F8 Automatic Uncoupling.  

F9 Flange Squeal (Speed Dependant)

F10 Despatch Whistle.

F11 Wagon Buffer Clash & Starting/Stopping noises.

F12 Coal Shovelling On/Off. (Latching + Aux 1 Firebox Glow)

F13 Tender Water Filling.  (Latching)

F14 Safety Valves. (Latching)

F15 Cylinder Drain Cocks On/Off (Works at Low Speed).

F16 Heavy Load Starting Mode. (Latching)

F17 Shunting Mode. (Switch between Light & Heavy chuffs)

F18 Detonators. (Alternate)

F19 Random Sounds On/Off

F20 Aux 2

F21 AWS Bell

F22 AWS Horn (Slows loco down)

F23 Coach Door Slams (Alternate/Latching)

F24 Wheel Tapper (Latching)

F25 Westinghouse Pump (If Fitted on Locomotive)

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LNER B1 (Hornby/Bachmann)

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