• WT-GWR 61XX 2-6-2 Locomotive

WT-GWR 61XX 2-6-2 Locomotive

GWR 61XX  (With Heljan 7mm LokSound L Option)

**NOW with Auto uncoupling mode**


***IMPORTANT: All sound decoders we recommend be sent Insured special delivery***

Function Key . 

F0 Lights On/Off. (If fitted)

F1 Sound On/Off. (Fade Sound while Driving)

F2 Whistle 1

F3 Whistle 2

F4 Uncoupling Sounds / Buffer Clash

F5 Loco Active Brake Application (CV179 Increases/Decreases Brake Application)

F6 Wheel Slip (Not on all Projects).  

F7 Injector.  (Latching)

F8 Automatic Uncoupling.  

F9 Flange Squeal (Speed Dependant)

F10 Despatch Whistle.

F11 Wagon Buffer Clash & Starting/Stopping noises.

F12 Coal Shovelling On/Off. (Latching + Aux 1 Firebox Glow)

F13 Tender Water Filling.  (Latching)

F14 Safety Valves. (Latching)

F15 Cylinder Drain Cocks On/Off (Works at Low Speed).

F16 Heavy Load Starting Mode. (Latching)

F17 Shunting Mode. (Switch between Light & Heavy chuffs)

F18 Detonators. (Alternate)

F19 Random Sounds On/Off

F20 Aux 2

F21 AWS Bell

F22 AWS Horn (Slows loco down)

F23 Coach Door Slams (Alternate/Latching)

F24 Wheel Tapper (Latching)

F25 Westinghouse Pump (If Fitted on Locomotive)

Project includes random stationery sounds including Injector & Coal Shovelling.

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WT-GWR 61XX 2-6-2 Locomotive

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